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Into the Light (Clear Water Creek Chronicles, #1) by Scarlet Blackwell

Into the Light (Clear Water Creek Chronicles, #1)Into the Light by Scarlet Blackwell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** 4.5 **** Major spoilers on this review.

Hmm so much controversy on this book which prompted me to insert my own view and comments on this one, but I'll start with saying: VERY POWERFUL STORY.

I say this about this book cause it's what's common fact these days and that's bullying. We see it everyday whether in real life or on the news, we read of it on all venues and we know of it and everyone has been subjected to it in one form or other in their daily lives growing up or currently. You can be subjected to being bullied at any age. From school, home, socially and even in your work place by your piers, co-workers and you own bosses. This story hits dead on to one of these events. This book will give you the reality of it being out there and what's in this book is NOT fiction folks but FACT if you can bring it upon yourself to reading it.

Any-fawking-how, on to my thoughts of this book.

So we have Sean who having his little closeted crush on Eden picked on him in school rather than befriend him because Sean denied the feelings that were hidden away inside himself of his extreme like for Eden and along with the peer pressure of his little gang that he hung with chose the more disapproving method. I recall as a kid growing up that we were told if someone picked on you it was because they liked you and due to the immaturity level chose that as a means to show this instead of coming right out and saying it to the other. This can therefore be demeaning and hurtful without the one party being aware of the others true intentions.

I believe at one point that Sean didn't think when he'd mentioned his anger at Eden showing him up in class that his 'buddies' would take it to the extreme levels that they had when they cornered Eden in the alley on his way home from school. Rough him up some? Yeah, but to take it to such a disgusting, demeaning and criminal level? No. Sean did throw one punch to make him seem tough, but when it came down to the actually crime in question Sean froze and couldn't contribute his part in it although his so called friends jabbed, pressured and tried coaxing him into it. Rather, Sean froze, traumatized and was even the one to remain after the crime of forced rape had been committed.

I personally can and cannot blame Sean here. Yeah Sean was pissed off at Eden from what occurred in the classroom, yet Sean did NOT take part in raping Eden.

Now many of you can say that Sean did nothing, but sit/stand there and watch without getting help so therefore he's guiltly by association and just being present at the scene of the crime when he could have stopped those assholes or at least gotten help and I'm telling you it's not so.

The author I believe must have been in that situation perhaps or knew of someone who had because Sean's reaction or lack there of was done to a T and perfectly. I can tell you this for a fact and here's why: My kid stood during recess and watched a bully pound his best friends face 5 times with his fist. His nose was fractured in 3 places, his braces were damaged which cut into his lips and damaged some of his teeth. When I probed my kid and asked if he did anything you know what his answer was? I didn't! I was so shocked and we didn't expect that to happen. I was froze and just couldn't move! I wanted to help, but I was seriously shocked, but when it got broken up I did give him my water and helped wipe off some of the blood and we took him to the principal's office to report it.

What does that tell you folks? Don't judge unless you've been there yourself a time or two.

But after all Eden came back eighteen years later with his own love/hate for Sean. He flaunted himself with his own intentions in mind and reasoning for what he'd done, but they fell for one another and for Eden Sean came out of the closet, confessed to what he'd done and Eden's request and to me that says a hellova lot for the man that Sean became. I have to sympathize with Sean for the years of torture he'd put himself through. I do think that after Eden was raped if his parents out of shame, yeah I say that because I'm sure that's why Eden's 'rents moved them far away because they didn't want the community shame of knowing his son had been raped to be exposed rather than report it, Sean would have readily taken his just deserts if the cops had knocked on his door then and not have waited all those years after Eden's return. My way of seeing it: The guilt for too many years, the final outcome, Sean fessing up to make Eden happy and love him and his leaving everything behind for Eden? Sean has more than redeemed himself.

In a nutshell, the content of this book is not for everyone mind you, but it was well written, dayum well thought out and if you can obliterate and look past the actual criminal content of what took place in this story it would be an enjoyable read to those looking for that huge touch of angst.

I leave this review with commending the author on a book well written and exceptionally done where I'm concerned.


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