Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enigma by Nephlim

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** 4.5 ***

In three words this book is mind-numbing, heart shattering and a complete anxiety inducer. I say this in all a positive manner. Well perhaps for me but not for most.

Warning: It's not for you if you have been in a seriously abused or traumatic situation. I think, not I know you have to be fully emotionally in tact prior to reading this. If you can then you are reading one explosively damn good story.

The story is told in first person by River himself, through his eyes, his words and his experience of the whole situation since his first meeting Silver.

Silver, a boy kidnapped and torn from the life he once knew to be tortured daily, beaten and abused constantly as the story will eventually reveal as Silver with the caring and friendship of River, will soon reveal itself, being groomed to being a slave.

It's still fresh in my mind a story I read a few weeks back of boy being taken and used, abused and so forth that perhaps that's maybe why I was still very sensitive and open emotionally when reading this one.

When River who is the psychologist on Silver's case when he's first admitted to the home in which River works at, he's only a shell of himself after being left for dead on the side of the road, battered severely, left comatose and found by a passerby. Silver, against all odds comes through it, but not unscathed. He retreats into himself and it's left to River to pull him back to the living which his love, friendship and devotion.

Do you think this is what the whole story is about? Think again. There's going to be so many moments, twists and turns that I kid you not when I tell you I had to break away for a few moments when my anxiety levels started to kick up and I thought an attack was going to kick in. You become so in tune to Silver through River's words and the author's writing that you'll not be able to put this book down very easily and you will not forget it for months to come. I know I won't. I'm not haunted to the core by their story.

I honestly give kudos to Nephylim, the author for one hellova intense read. I would also have given this a complete 5, but was deterred by the visible word errs and missing little words that I hate to admit I get anal about.

At the end of the story Nephylim mentions a book 2 coming soon and Heaven forbid I have every intention of being one of the first to pick it up. Hopefully the wait won't be long in coming!

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