Saturday, September 15, 2012

January 1, 2013

I woke up this morning with a sort of revelation if you can call it that, but my mind is elsewhere and elsewhere is where it's going to remain for quite awhile. 

You probably are questioning the title of this blog post. I won't drag it out or make you wait. That's the official date that I'll be shutting down this blog. No, I'm not doing it to get more followers, no I'm not doing it to attract readers and no I'm not doing this in order to get comments because frankly that's not what I want or need AT ALL. It's come time for me to just crawl away back into the unknown and focus myself to other areas. 

When this day arrives there'll be no good-byes or farewells it'll simply be... No more. What I will say now is thanks to all of you who are following me and maybe enjoy some of my posts. I know there's much, much more interesting ones out there. I know cause even I follow them and I'll still drop in to read them from time to time. IF you are interested in what my contributors to the blog would post, they have blogs of their own which you are welcome to follow.

Thank you again and thanks for dropping by.

This blog ends with one of my all time favorite groups and songs.

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