Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Murphy's Boy by Torey Hayden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'll admit that this book warranted a 5 star, but that's a true score and not because I'm a fan of the author, since I haven't reach the level. I can be a fan of many authors but my reviews will stay true it it won't deter my honesty on whether I like the book or not. Fan status aside. I say this because reading some reviews on this one many quoted being a fan hence I believe this book getting the ratings handed out on it.

I was perturbed in the beginning by this book. I was disturbed not by the description given on Kevin's features, but rather how the author herself who is the special ed teacher as well in this story who played a large part in Kevin's life described him then went on to point out how ugly he was and how being assigned as his teacher seemed a nuisance from the way I have read it in my pov and preferred not to take on his case which clearly? it's her JOB to do so. Kevin was a child very much in need and throughout his young life there was no one there to give him the time and attention he clearly needed.

Kevin was clearly disturbed indeed and having read through and learned what events led to his refusal to talk you can understand with compassion as to why. I felt for the boy. Who could not? He acted out a lot. I saw this as his way to get attention although his was of going about it was very negative and the results disastrous. Poor kid! I show no pity for Kevin. I show sorrow and hurt for the deck of cards life dealt him. Everything and anything went wrong for him. He couldn't catch a break even though there was much that he brought on to himself. All that shite to the wayside, I enjoyed Kevin in all his strange mannerisms.

I did come across some contradictory in the book. For example: Torey writes about how Kevin's teacher in school should have reported the burns and cuts that appeared on Kevin's body and how the teacher hadn't, yet Tory herself runs into some risky situations with Kevin and doesn't report them herself.

Apart from ALL of that, I did enjoy reading about Kevin who was scared of his own shadow, life in general since he felt that it'd be better to remain crazy the rest of his life and I'm glad that Torey shared her experience she had with him with all us readers. A part of me wonders where Kevin is at in his life today.