Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh what a night!

I thought to myself how I MUST share last night with you all even though my brain is running on ZERO manpower. Crawled in the door at the ass crack of dawn at 4am :groaning: but I won't allow that to deter me. Perhaps the large java which I'm NOT supposed to be having hasn't kicked in yet :snickering:

My awesome and dearest friend in the world, Ryan (yeah that's his real name) decided we should go out last night. Well hell it's been awhile and I just couldn't refuse. We hit up our usual haunt: Cruise & Tangos. After all this time I just learned the meaning behind the title of this club. Cruise is for the gay boys and Tangos for the lesbians. Pretty cool I have to admit.

So's we get there and check out their Ultimate and very amazing drag shows. I'll post some vids after all this IF I can find some...

I had black, Chinese and white chicks and dicks (guys if you didn't know that by now :winks:) talking to me, introducing themselves. Kissing :gasps: you heard right. I love to kiss, but when I am getting kissed at random and out of the blue by straight women and men, gay women and men I'm thinking the world is coming to an end. Ryan is very protective of me so he tends to hug me around the waist and hold me very close. No one and I mean know one touches his B :snickering: I don't think he'll ever change and I wouldn't want him to. He gasps, looks down at me little ole 5'5 to his 6'1 and just gives me a WTF look. I just shrug with an I dunno! I don't know these chicks/dicks but something prompted them too. The highlight to what set Ryan's protectiveness into gear was when I moved forward slightly while ogling the drag show to thinking Ry was dancing and grinding up behind me, cause he does do that and turn coming face to face with this REALLY fawking big muscled guy with this whole Fabio/Tarzan look. Long wavy brown hair to his shoulders. My mouth dropped and next thing I'm being twirled around and dipped. WHOA NELLY! Ry and our newest friend Breton couldn't believe it. Well neither can I and Breton even asked if this stuff happens to me whenever we go out. HELL NO, my gorgeous gay man it so doesn't. 

I was snarky, sarcastic and blunt to be told by various that I was gorgeous, beautiful and a very nice person from the VERY short time they got to know me. Now another few more friends added to my FB and I didn't even do the asking. 

So Breton who is truly your really good looking boy next door meets said good looking jock boy Derick who seems to think that if he could get me alone in some booth with him for 10 minutes I would love him to death and stop calling him a local Nazi. Yeah I went there :snorts: He was sooo... just like the hawt jocks in all those M/M books. Buff, arms, short blonde crew cut and blue eyes. Breton couldn't resist him, but I could, I can and I did. Whoop there it is. I can be mean. 

What's to come:
October 13th is this huge leather fetish party which Ry got us tickets for. I've got the boots, he's getting me the leather pants and corset and we're def attending. Cause he works for the store hosting the event we've got VIP passes. Now check this out: It's called Leather Dreams where you can make your dreams come true. Mine is to be a Dom AND Breton and boyo Derick said they're attending and I'm going to be leading them both around with chains hooked to a leather collar. Bring on the whip!

I'll keep y'all posted on that event. My brain just did a major fart and died out. Hope y'all having a great weekend!


P.S. If you're ever in the Toronto area, Church St to be exact you want to drop here. A must place to party. To all the drag queen friends of mine appearing in this vid: You stunning, gorgeous, talented and you rock the house down!

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