Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 27

“Oh poo. I did, sugar, but a girl can hope that it was for us you booked the room for and not some other sssub.” The heavy sigh coming out was overly dramatic as arms were detangled from a choking grip cutting off the ability to even swallow. “Anyhow, sweetness, the room isn’t taken if you’d like to dump your little rock star wannabe and make use of it with little ole me.”
Kyler put his warm hand on Nikolas’s and his whole arm tingled. He leaned toward him. “Master Nikolas, can we please leave now?”
Stevie cocked a brow. “We? He’s not going anywhere with you. Isn’t it past your curfew? Now run along home to mommy and daddy.”  
The piercing shrill of that one word ‘we’ made Nikolas cringe. Looking down from the hand on his up to the handsome face that, if he didn’t know better smiled mischievously, eyes heavy lidded with guy-liner and with those long black lashes that every woman would be envious of, remained focused squarely on Stevie.
“Yes, we. What didn’t you understand, dip-shit?”
Stevie gasped in outrage “What would he want with an Emo freak?”
“More than he would with a drama Queen!” Kyler smirked. He’d win this little match against this insufferable diva.
When he looked over his shoulder, Nikolas wasn’t the least bit surprised to see the contempt in Stevie’s eyes as he was not paying attention to him per say, but summing up Kyler instead. Kyler didn’t seem amused by this abrupt interruption either, but he was enjoying the whose dick was bigger contest.
Stevie narrowed his eyes dramatically and said in a loud screech. “Oh no you didn’t, you little bitch!”
Kyler spat. “You’re nothing but a skanky little biatch…Let’s get one thing clear…HE doesn’t need you since WE are taking the room.”
Their eyes were shooting daggers at each other and Nikolas started getting uncomfortably caught in the crossfire of this pissing contest. This was going to turn really bad and ugly. Nothing good could come of this.
Stevie looked at Nikolas expectantly. “You can’t talk to me that way. Can he, Master Nikolas cause…”
“I can because out of us two at least I know how to apply eye makeup” Kyler cut into the rest of what Stevie wanted to say, abruptly.
“That’s enough!” Nikolas intervened. “Do I have to put you both in a corner?” His voice vibrated his strength and power, halting all commotion, all demonstrations, and all conversation. Even the music was lowered in volume. 
“Stevie, not another word out of you is that clear?” Snippets of hushed conversation around them drowned out his thoughts. His eyebrows knit together in an intimidating furrow making no attempt to look charming as Nikolas made his own personal assessment of the situation. “Same goes to you, Kyler.”
“But, he started it,” Kyler said as Nikolas continued to scowl.
“Kyler!” One eyebrow raised, Nikolas gave the man a censured, stern look from his vibrant green eyes.
Kyler’s eyes remained on Nikolas's face for a moment, and then they moved slowly down over his body and back again. "Ok, Master Nikolas, but as long we’re…you're here, as long as you remain here, you're the only one I want. Please." Determined brown eyes locked with green ones with a mixture of uncertainty and what looked like hope.

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