Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 28

Nikolas’s eyes cut across the short distance to the sub, making the noise in the club disappear for one heated moment. He allowed his gaze to wander over Kyler, observing with clear intensity this new information, forcing himself to stay put, now determined not to follow his intentions tonight. If Kyler turned out to be just a sub for the duration of a few hours, he would find a way to survive it.
He always had.
Although Nikolas suspected it would be easier to get through the evening if he’d just went home, but there was something about Kyler that intrigued Nikolas, and that alone made him want to get to know the younger man better. Kyler had the quirky personality, the snarky remarks, and the looks to spin more than just his head. He’d already noticed a few of the other Doms looking Kyler’s way. He gave him credit where credit was due... Kyler wasn’t fake. He seemed natural and genuine, and now Nikolas found himself wanting more, and oddly enough he liked it. 
Not mistaking the look in his eyes; the way he looked at him, his body flexed hard in response, his thinning control nearly unraveled. He liked every damned thing about Kyler, but one. There is one thing he’d like from a sub….only one. “I can’t offer you more than that.” Meeting Kyler had lit a fire inside him in more ways than one. He leaned closer as he spoke in soft, serious tones. “For an hour or two, since that’s about all we have.” 
Clearing his throat, one crooked finger above his head beckoned to a man just as tall yet larger in build than Nikolas himself, to make his way over to them. Caution kept Nikolas where he stood between the two younger men, who continuously shot looks of contempt toward each other. The hostility was obvious between them, evident in their facial expressions and the tension in their postures. Nikolas kept in check his amusement at the situation by schooling his sharply sculpted face, still full of hard angles. Relief came only by the soft fullness of his mouth lifting up at one corner in a coy grin as Master Van approached through the crowd, parting the patrons easily as he made a beeline towards them.

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