Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 29

Looking around Nikolas, the heavy footsteps had signaled the approach of the big man; Kyler tried holding back a snicker. Stevie didn’t say a word as Master Van handcuffed his wrists and hauled him off his feet, “I’ll take this wee troublemaker off yer hands, Nik.” He winked, throwing Stevie over his shoulder.
“Where are we going?” Stevie squeaked, but Master Van wasn’t listening or appeared not to be.
Stevie began squirming. 
“I’ll deal with ye in a minute, aye. Looks like you me l’il pet be needin’ a good ole fashioned spankin’.” Master Van man growled at him, “Now, be still, lad!” and rewarded Stevie with one large handed swat on his behind, which Stevie groaned at this time.
            “You cannot do this!” Stevie cried out, earning him another stinging slap. “Oh God, oh God, oh God! I think I’m going to Heaven.”
“I’ll be yer god a’right.” Master Van sighed deeply, “See you later, Nik.” 
An arm wrapped around Kyler’s waist, half lifting him off the ground and scooped him into Nikolas’ arms, then carried through the crowd. “Oh, oh, I guess it’s my turn,” slinging his arms around the master’s neck. Everyone was staring at them, but no one approached. None dared.
As they trudged on, Kyler contemplated struggling against the Dom’s arm around his waist, but it would have been useless and it just felt too good. The hold felt safe. Kyler had never felt that before while in the care of any of his past masters. A multitude of faces blurred passed him, either looking at them with open contempt from the subs that stood alone or with outright amusement from those who had a Master to be proud to serve. Most gave them a wide path. 
Kyler tried to keep his eyes down as he reflected on what just happened between him and Nikolas. He was disappointed in himself for feeding into that queen’s verbal attack. Kyler was sure that sexy Master Nikolas wanted; no he needed what Kyler had to offer, but not so much after that bitch Stevie.  Why did it bother him so much that his childish antics might have blown his chances? “Where are you taking me?” he demanded, which earned him a simple grunt.

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