Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Art of Breaking - Part 30

Master Nikolas used a key to unlock a door and didn’t release his powerful hold on Kyler till he was set down on what was clearly a spanking bench. 
The moment the door closed to the playroom Kyler glanced over toward Nikolas. “He was acting like a total ass, Master Nikolas.”
Nikolas looked at him then, eyes betraying the calm exterior. “He was trying to get attention,” Nikolas pointed out.
Kyler nodded. “More than just a little.”
“His need to be seen and heard makes him resort to doing stupid things.”
“How about you, Master Nikolas? Is there something you have that needs attention?”
“Stevie had no right to go throwing some of what he did in your face.”
Another question ignored? Did he do it on purpose or was it a case of selective hearing. Kyler was getting irked by it.
His gaze went back to Nikolas. Kyler raised a single eyebrow, listening. Damn, he thought. This incredible, sculpted man was actually defending him and standing up for him? That, in and of itself, told him a lot. Please don't let me be wrong. Strike three and it’s over. For good this time! He'll have nightmares every night instead of every other.
“I can’t expect him to respect me just because of whom I am in this club, and he’s not a true sub. He’s employed by Master D to run administration side of things.” Nikolas cleared his throat, moving a little closer to Kyler. “Boy…if you don’t stop looking at me like that…”
Kyler couldn’t tear his gaze away from Nikolas’s to-die-for green eyes. “Like what?”
Those eyes flickered over his smaller, slim frame, followed his every move, gesture, facial expression. Shifting his gaze, adverting them to Nikolas’s eyes that, although they gave him a dark intense stare, wasn’t condemning or judgmental. “I can’t help it. I love your eyes, precious.” It showed a side of him that Kyler was sure didn’t come to the forefront easily.
Nikolas’s hand cupped the back of Kyler’s neck, his mouth looking about to take a kiss. Oh my God, this is it! He’s going to kiss me?

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