Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here I AM!!!!!

All Hail the Princess is Here! That would mean me! I’ve been the beloved brat in this crew for many a year. I’m boisterous, utterly adorable, optimistic and full of love for my peeps. We’ve been down a long… very….long road through the years. I am full of sass and spunk!

I enjoy romantic encounters of the male to female variety. Sorry so not like the fam. Although I’ve asked them all if I can do a Sin on them and pop into a body to feel what it feels like to be a man during sex. Call it Freud’s Penis Envy if you must. Curiosity killed the cat…but in reality it just made me want to write. 

I love chocolate although It’s on the no no list for me. I love big rough men. Shifters, vampires, military men. Give me one in uniform and I’ll a  I tend toJpuddle of want. I’m fairly easy to get along with….Fairly  keep the snark out. I’d rather kill with kindness. I’m super smart and I love everything about life.

Some say a smile from me is like a fresh ray of sunshine. *Slaps the males*

Really people do say that…not kidding. 

I am really humble and modest about my work and my talent. I’m loving that it’s grown in such a short span of time.

I am multipublished. That means in two years I’ve amassed six publishers.

I have an agent in mind but I have to finish the damn story to submit write Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Demons, Shapeshifters, BDSM, InterRacial and Multicultural and I did do a f/f story still waiting on news. 
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  1. Welcome to what's now become the chaotic blog of complete and utter chaos. I'd say it's about time, but we've all had real life butt their heads in and turn our world upside down. Some butting in where they don't belong!

    I'm grateful to have another who accepts the REAL me for who and what I am. You're truly a ray of delights... and SIN

  2. Hehe Flattery will get you everywhere :) Thanks it's nice to be here!

  3. Good to have you here Hales:)
    And I love chaos. Without it life would be boring...