Friday, July 29, 2011

July 2011

     Hey everyone,

     Yeah I know...I know..But everything comes in time. And well I do have some good news and that is I finally am able to see and talk with my children again. Somethings have happened over the last year and half for me. But mostly over the past month. I have endured more hell than what anyone should no matter how RL gets. My lifemate came to me and has been at my side ever since. Together we have endured my ex-roommate's bs and his ex-gf's bs. But I was called something that I never thought I would ever hear. I know our military boys and girls get called this and it is one of the most horrific names to call a person no matter what the circumstances are. I had some stupid bitch call me this not once, not twice, but 3x. I was called a 'baby killer' all because my lifemate's psychotic ex-gf was 'supposedly to be preg' and she isn't preg in the least. But it makes me wonder just how people truly act and how they behave to another person's face with the lying and everything.


  1. Go by the whole rule of sticks and stones... If that and all else fails just tell those fawktards to Fawk Off.

    One thing I do have to say is people are so good at talking behind your back, or taking the chicken shit route of email. letters etc... because they don't have the balls it takes to confront you directly and I can guarantee 100% that if you were facing them so they can tell you to your face? they'd shit themselves instead or lie with "I never said that" :rolls eyes: Puullfawkingeeeeaase I say!