Monday, July 25, 2011

Things I will never understand about people.


 I have been dealing with several special people in my life over recent years who thanks to thoughtless self absorbed individuals have been hurt severely. Seems to me there is a rash flooding trend of these god awful, for lack of a better word, fucktards.  

Individuals, as I dare not even include these slimy yellow bellied scumbags in the human race as a whole for lack of wanting to lower the entire species, who obviously were not home trained properly in the correct way of treating fellow humans, or hell, creatures as a whole. Individuals who perhaps themselves were raised by wolves.... no, no I can't dare include that thought, since even the wondrous ever frustrating but very loving Rodent - yes I love you too nephew - was raised quite literally by wild dogs for a portion of his tramatic young life. Wolves and wild dogs do at least have a pack compassion for those they interact with and take in. These individuals were obviously not raised or corralled by such loving creatures as that.

*taps my chin in thought, Gerard Butler's lovely accent droning in the back ground. Lord be that man is hot.* Hm, in thought to that, most animals as a whole do not act or treat those of their kind in the particularly cruel and intentional way that these sub-species individuals do. Yes, they can be cruel and rather lethal in their way of carrying out behavior traits, but that is for survival and not based on emotions, plots, or devious schemes set for the sole purpose of hurting and damaging others. Of bettering their lot in life by crushing those around them. No, only these vile human appearing fucktards do that.

Conning pure souls who grow to love or look upon them as family or friend into believing they are loved and cared for, when in reality they are just another pawn, stepping stone, and or, punching bag laying in wait for the day and time these low-life scumbags decide to flip and ruin their lives and psyche. They do not care who they hurt or how, and they certainly do not give a leaping frog's ass what happens in the fallout other than to drink off the destruction like leeches, lurking scavengers living off the misery for days, months, or years after. Even vampires move on after they drain the poor unsuspecting bastard in their clutches. Again, fucktards, do not rank even come close to the lowest crap sucking dung beetle or flesh devouring maggot.

These... individuals, again that term so loose there is barely webbing to hold it onto the page, need to be trapped, caged, and beaten within an inch of their lives while being forced to relive the pain and hurt they've dished out for at least ten years. Maybe, doubtfully, but maybe then they might see the light of what they have done.

People are not stepping stones, pawns, or a means to an end.

Everyone deserves and should receive true unconditional love. Which means there is no buts to that statement. A person can not stop your love by acting a certain way or saying a certain thing. They can not erase your love by not doing what you want or say or by having an opinion. True love of a friend or family member, no matter if its blood or adopted, means there is nothing they can do short of killing you to stop that love.... unless like these sorry leeching scumbag individuals they use and abuse that trust, loyalty, and love as though you are trash. Burning at the stake comes to mind when I think of them, or worse. 

I am plum sick of that race, and though I am not normally a violent person, I vote we erase their useless sorry existence from the planet immediately.

And, just in case, I have not made it plain thus far, ye of the disgusting puss riddled sub-race... YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE, SO MOVE THE HELL ON AND SCREW UP YOUR OWN LIVES.

~ This is being posted mulitple sites to make the message clear! ~


  1. Oiye! :using double Q-tips to clean my ears: Did I hear right and in fact you said fawktard or rather fucktard? :points accusingly: Where's the Popo? I've been robbed I tell yeah! Yeah thieving giant pile of muscles!

    Otherwise great post. I think everyone has been touched once or twice in their life by just this. In fact... Eer I'm in trouble ain't I? I was ordered to bed and here I am frolicked around.

    :laughing while at a fast-paced run back to bed chanting wasn't me. Was my bratty invisible friend who done it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it come Hell or high water:

  2. RFLMAO!! Duuuude,ur off ur rocker! *breaks out drinks and shares in toast* glad to get the company fucker!!

    Daaaaamn Monkey.... *shaking my fool head and lighting up* yah yah I kno ya love my ass... but damn, what fucking crawled up and brought out cranky Monkey? Guess that's what I get for missing ur ass and sleeping in all fucking night.

    Dope post tho man, serious!

  3. Bravo. And may it reach the ears of those who need to hear it. Not of course that they'll listen.