Sunday, July 24, 2011

The newest member of this team

Hey everyone long time no see,
     Well here is a little something about me. I'm no worse for wear lol..But seriously, I am a full time online college student and I'm about to grad soon. Then I'm going to transfer to a college with the art history and archeology depart. I met my lifemate Dark Wolf online about a month ago. I have known him for about a couple of years now. He is remarkable and everything. He has a 4 year old son who reminds me of my nephews and I wouldn't trade my lifemate for anything in this life. I try to write for DP and all. I have written MidNight Angels Ravyn and Lucien. I do have another Angel to introduce to DP and a few other stories that I need to contribute but RL has been hellish for me recently :) But I am going to start to get back into the swing of things again :)


  1. Welcome to blogger, Carrie. I've also known Carrie for awhile and over the years you've kept in touch even when I did my vanishing act.

    Carrie is the last contributor to the cast of us and bloggers for this blog and I can't thank her enough for being here.

    Carrie, look forward to read what you bring to the blogger world. Welcome aboard, chick.

  2. -striking a vaguely menacing pose- You'd better 'try' to do more posting on DP. I'm tired of being the only one. -grinning- Just teasing you...mostly.

  3. E, I said I was gonna be posting. Soon-ish? Still ah working on that :dashing out before I get swatted:

  4. LOL! *ducking around E myself on that topic* I'm working I'm working...

    Welcome Carrie, we haven't met and though I am a member of DP I been away for a long while due to work issues. Look forward to meeting you and swapping reads. *blows a kiss*

  5. Well damn, that's dope chika. *grins deep* So I'll be seeing u around both hoods. *wags brows* Look forward to meeting u.