Sunday, July 24, 2011

Intro to all the contributors of this blog:

I'm Bullet as those following would already know and have remained followers. Thanks for remaining with and reading my insanity. It's not over yet. I've revamped this blogger and added in some contributors; the reason for this post is to welcome them into the fold. 

I gotta thank them all for taking part in bringing their own stories, vids and whatever they want to amuse our followers to this blog site. I know I thank them from the bottom of my commode er heart and hyped to have them all here. I have my own choice words on each of them. We’re one hellova morbid mix, but in getting to know us through our posts you’ll see how much in common we all have. :snickering: Morbid, corrupted minds is putting it lightly, but in saying that we all have a bond together. We’re actually normal of a sordid group. You’ll see or rather read all bout it.  

Before you even dare to ask or think it…these are individuals with their own thoughts, their own minds, their own feelings and can speak for and express themselves, but I asked them to send me each their own intros so I can do it all in one lump sum and they agreed so you’ll read what they have to say to you themselves on who they are.

I’ll start with Kail, who also likes to be known as Rat or Rodent. He’s one demented dude, but aren’t we all in some way, shape or form? I’ve known this guy for some time. Shite, goes to way back in the day over or around 8 years? Time flies and we lost touch till recently. Till the last few weeks when he tracked my arse down via Eddy. To me he’s shark bait and I’ll let him share the reason why some day. Not my call to say. :snickering: Great to have you on board the S.S. Mino, Bro!

Here’s what bait er Kail has to say:

* fingering my ear, where there is perpetually a smoke tucked either half smoked or rolled and rocked to be smoked* 

Yo my name is Rodent I have a problem... I like to rip you apart and play in your gooey insides... make ash trays out of your skull after I fucked it a few times... hmm... want to play doctor on my table? Mommy Mommy! He wants to stick his thing in my eye, oh me oh frakin my! *smirking a hard completely deviant grin and near black eyes* One thing I am not is a peppy go lucky average joe. You can bet your best pair of $100 jeans or kicks my ass will most definitely make you think twice, three, no four times when you read my journals or stories or whatever I throw up. If you're looking of average or pep or the pretty boy roll your plain SOL fraker. *lighting up* 

I smoke, generously, and it’s usually pretty deep. I am insane that is the cold hard truth, but my insanity is infectious and soon I plan to take over the world. Normals grab your sunday through saturday drawers cuz your being eradicated one by one. That's my plan, it has a scheme and a track to fuck you over by. *hard grin* 

Now we have Nat. Got to know her via Goodreads and to this day there’s no regrets. She became a friend, hunted my arse down when I disappeared for emotional, mental and psych reasons. She’s become a rock and stuck by me while others have abandoned me, she stuck by. She has this damn uncanny sixth sense to email when she sense something ain’t right with me and she’s right on the dot. Nat, my stalker, you make another great addition to the team.

Here’s what Nat has to say:

My name is natsroshan, but you can call me Sidney’s self-appointed personal stalker. I am the ONE who has the privilege to bother and harass him. If it wasn’t for the 6000 km distance, I would kidnap and molest him too. No Sidney, no “Ewwwww” please.

Me? I’m a French mother of two living in Paris. At 35, people swear I look 25 but I still feel like 15. I love and hate my life at the same time: always looking for more, for something else. I love being surrounded by people but also enjoy being alone. One moment I can be expressive and active and the other very moody and cranky. Straightforward in my relationships… yes, I am. However do not disappoint me: I’m rancorous and proud of it.

I tend to be extremely rigid concerning my daily life but enjoy being unconventional. Some will say about me:

· Stubborn, rebellious, but it’s just me being self-willed
· Aloof, cold, but it’s just me ignoring you coz’ I don’t like to pretend
· Lacking of tact, but it’s just me being clumsy with words and emotionally oblivious

I like Japanese food, muscatel wines, cream puffs, cheese, Mika, Dancehall, Kat-tun, Bleach, “Boys Over Flowers” the Korean drama, “Antique Bakery” the Korean movie, English language…

I hate flowers, outdoors, sightseeing, pretending, narrow-minded and inflexible people, following conventions…

If you expect profound things from me, you’ll be disappointed. My mind is full of nothing and everything so will my posts: reviews, real life adventures, laughing at myself… and so on.

Hales I’ve known seems like forever. She’s my personal Sin, literally. :winks: We’ve been acquainted for a damn good 7 years or more. To say she knows the REAL me and the real deal and still accepts me for who and what I am has me completely humble. She’s a good friend and author. She’s be posting her own intro and the like, along with keeping us up to date on her pub’d novels and what’s yet to be out there so you can check it and her stories out. Welcome Sinsin!

Bitch Monkey (Miles)… saving the special one for last… when he heard about this blog he def wanted in. Not a guy you’d ever say no to and why the hell would I? He’s been busy up to his ying yang and I’ll admit we lost touch but through Kail he’s back in my life and I don’t plan on letting him go so easily. Years ago with his antics he helped me to laugh and keep my sanity in tact and I’m more than grateful to be speaking to this man again. When in doubt or need he’s got my back. Always had. I still think he’s a crazy bastard for ever having put up with me and my shit from back in the day when I was a growly fawk and still am, from day one, but he’d agree to disagree.

Here’s Miles, his intro:

<slipping in unnoticed and up to the addressing tall dark and scrumptious, sliding a playful finger and thumb along the fine bones of his ear.> Akhem, I do believe you are leaving out one rather peeved bitch monkey imp here. <giving it a pinch and whispering lick to said ear with just this side of a harsh monkey bite of the upper structure> Am I chop liver? Have to address my own bitch monkey self? Hmph, I see how it is. <pitched in a deep vibrating voice> I am your slave to bend to your beck and call. Lick your boots, shine your table, make fabulous coffee all day and night with the perfect amount of mocha caramel cream and biscuit.... <snorts disbelievingly in a snapping dust of my finger and thumb and half turn away, tamping my fine Italian boot.> Riiiight....

Hello all, don't mind the stuttering Fae god behind me, he is just rather tongue tied at the moment.... Hmm, tongue tied, hog tied, it is so hard to decide when presented with such fabo canvas and unlimited resources, is it not?.. Ah, well, soon midnight snack, soon.... As he is in a state of catatonia, I am Bitch Monkey Extraordinaire, <bows elegantly with one arm sweep> or just plain Miles will do. I am playful with much wicked titillating delights to offer. Though we've known each other for about two years or three... hmm, times does fly, Sid has always been one of my favorite humans.

Miles? :grinning critically with much sucked in patience: HELLO I was introducing you! In case you missed that little bit and you tell me I’m blind? :tapping my booted foot: 

Miles:  As a bat... yes you are. <grinning a jumping hug to Sid's back> You're forgiven... now where exactly is my mocha caramel latte with extra cream and extremely hard biscuit? <finely arched brow and completely devilish smile>


  1. You mentioned the java :cringing at the choice in flavor: BUT nowhere do you mention a damn biscuit? WTF! Aren't you supposed to be my servant? :throwing hands up in defeat: Christ.

  2. OMG, if that doesn't send everyone running nothing will -laughing hard- This is going to be one hell of an interesting blog me thinks. - E.

  3. :snickering: I think outta all of them I'm gonna have my hands full with Miles. Ticking off each finger the reasons why... Oh yeah.

  4. You know you waaaant me, you know you neeeed me, you know you want to *wags brows liberally with a dance of tail* me... *giant bitch monkey grin*

  5. I do :clears throat: You mean I do?

    Yeah see, E?? My hands are tied, I mean full or rather will be of a whole lotta Bitch monkey :snorts:

  6. *fucking dying* I fucking hump my sorry fucking ass all night and wake up from that crashout to find u spent the whole damn thing in a laugh out..... THAT IS SO NOT FAIR! *grabbing E's pillow and nailing u all with it*

  7. :snickering and avoiding the pillow, dashing around chanting the tune "Up All Night, Sleep All Day" Booyah shark bait!

  8. Kail, did you just have a little tantrum there? Quite a hilarious visual to someone who stands at 6'3 LOL

    You say not fair, straight boy? Let me tell you what's not fair :crossing my arms scowling: Find out everyone here is taller than me by 3 dayum inches or more is what's NOT FAIR. It's giving me a severe crink in my neck to have to look up at you all when I talk. No short jokes pulleeease. So before I feed you to the sharks for good this time, think about what's not fair, bean pole. By the way, how's the air up there? :snickering and going to hide: