Sunday, November 27, 2011


What Im filling my head up when not zoning on Dexter/Walking Dead/Breaking Bad catch up... its freezing wet and my body caint decide if we should bake in hell, deep freeze the tits, or go drown in the puppy pool... can we say VICODIN or OXY anyone? *nods to invisible demon children* Yes we can amongst many other goodies in the candy bag of SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GIVE ME A F"N BREAK..... 

Akhem, yah, okay Im broken... so enjoy the music.

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  1. Before I respond to this :whacking her back with a pillow: Gotcha back. You weren't getting away with that one :points at her, warning: I go by do unto others and yadda yadda n all that shite :smirking: As I was gonna say: I'm feeling your pain with this crap shit weather. Monday aint even here yet and I can tell it's gonna be one a those weeks. Busy right up to my fawking ying yang. Take care of yourself, Casper. I'll check out the tune when I'm next online. Sometime in 2012? LOL