Saturday, November 12, 2011

Been Thinking...

Hmm that post title is pretty freakish huh? When I get thinking it can goes down two ways: To the left of the bend in the road or to the right. Which would you take when you hit that fork in the road? Depends where it'll lead you right? Yeha... thought so. See, I can read your minds. :snickering: Just yanking. 

It's 7am and I'm wondering to myself why the hell am I up so early, but again why the hell did I go to bed so early which would contribute to it. It's the bleeding time change I tell yeah. Gets light out earlier in the morning and darker earlier at night. It just messes with you to the max. It's bullshit really.

So this has been one really busy month for me so far. We just celebrated my 'rents 40th wedding anniversary, it was Halloween which was a blast as always. Sorry, but I'm still a kid at heart and I get a kick outta dressing up. What I didn't mention is I also just celebrated my birthday and didn't let on I did to any of you before that time arrived. I just wasn't up to celebrating this one this year. I'm not one ashamed to reveal how old I turned and when asked I will admit to it. Everyone says it's not the number but how you feel inside. So to those of you who are curious? I'm not 45. :waiting for the gasps around the room: I didn't do anything to celebrate since at the time I wasn't in the partying mood, but better late than never, I'll be going out tonight with a very good friend that I've been missing dearly. 

I find it ironic how my friend is HIV+ and his newest man that he's totally in love with is a paramedic. I'm sooo happy for him. I wish I could be that lucky, but it's just not in the cards for me and that's AWRIGHT. It doesn't bother me at all. I tend to place others' happiness ahead of my own. I get satisfaction out of seeing those that have struggled or had shit handed to them on a gold platter happy for a change. It makes me happy. Maybe I should have my own GLEE club :snorting: 

Now to one other topic change: I've been neglectful on going to my Groups III post and I do digress I've been lagging. I've been having to go back into my archives to compile the information I need in order to do that blog post, put I'm getting there. I'm quite eager to get to it and introduce to you all the characters that I left Isis' story for and went to. Trust me, you won't be disappointed in the least. I hope you'll turn to love this character as much as I have and enjoyed writing him. He was my way of expressing and bringing to light my inner demons. 

I've yammered long enough. For now. I'll leave you with a song which has no particular meaning to it. I just like it, the groups and the words.

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