Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 2011

     Sorry for not being on but I have to deal with a very lousy internet connection *growls* I do have some good news. My Wolf and I went to his very last courtdate and his case was thrown out because his psycotic ex didn't so up *does happy dance* We also are getting his son more and more for visits. We are reclaiming our cozy den again *smiles wickedly* My Wolf thinks that I'm about 2 mnths along and he thinks that we are having twins...NOT FUNNY about that twins. Oh yeah his ex broke up with her boyfriend and no I don't give a fawking damn about it either *giggles* So she is hanging out with our jackass for a roommate who by the way is a very disrespectful, slovenly, near do well. But they do fit well together...She works and makes money and he sponges off of others *smiles* They also go barhopping together and so forth just as long as they leave me and my mate alone *winks wickedly* Also in the near future I will be getting hitched to my mate permnenatly *giggles* before our pup is born :). It just isn't the same without my daughters with me. Yes I do have two beautiful girls who are 13 and 12. I spoke to my sister in law to find out how they were doing especially my oldest. And I'm just glad that she's getting her life back on track again *claps hands excitedly* But it doesn't help with the emptiness of missing them though...Sorry *waves the tears away*

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