Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 2011

     Hope everyone enjoyed their feast the other day? Now to tell you all the truth I really wasn't in the celebrating mood. Reasons are I was heading down the dark tunnel again. NO Demon I wasn't even thinking about doing anything stupid either *grins at Sid* I was just missing my children so much that it was taking on a darkness that never should have occurred is all. Not to mention I just celebrated my birthday and that didn't help the matters any. IF anything it made my mood and the situation worse. That and I was severely missing my mate's time and all. But everything is all right. I got to talk to my girls a little and went with my mate to visit some friends for the holiday and all. Now to tell you all something my mate ended his ass up in the 'dog house' a few days back. Why? You all ask...Well here is the story. Remember it's not a pretty story either. He told me a couple of weeks ago that 'women were the cows of people'. *Picturing everyone scratching their heads* How who all might ask can 'women be the cows of people'? Well the answer is that women carry new life, give birth and breast feed the child (ren). Just like cows do *rolls eyes* Yeah I told that one to my soul brother. He snickered too. I wasn't happy then a few days ago my Wolf decides to call me the H word...HEIFER...Of all things to call a women. Especially a pupped woman. Yeah he ended up in the dog house for that word alone. I personally find it offensive to calling a woman the H word period...So fellas if you all don't want to end up in the 'dog house' as my Wolf did DON'T ever call a woman the H word. *smiles wickedly* Just call her what she is to you instead *;) wickedly*


  1. Well Angel... I caint ever say I've been called a... Heifer... but I have been called every other name in the book all across the world, in the end they stick to bleeding blahdy blah blah bitch. *cackling* I have been called a cow repeatedly by one of my sisters, but she's english and older so she lives... the males however get KO'd. *G*

    I hate turkey day, so u weren't the only one in a grumble. We had chicken, my choice, cinnamon rolls and slurpies, again my choice.

    Mates are impossible, I have a caveman and hence the nick u can see how he acts. Dog House is his permanent residence.

  2. Heifer? Raiden get out your shinies and blow up the bits of their arses for even saying it.

    Thanks for posting, Angel. Great read that.