Friday, November 25, 2011

Newest addition to the mino crew:

So, yah, ok intros…intros… intros…

I am a murderer…of the English speakenese

I am a vivid member of the order of mental nutcases

I do bite, often and with both complete irrational and sadistic intent while being completely and positively in my full mental capacity, so as it stands in the court of psychos R us where Ted Bundy, Ed Gain, Jeffery Dahmer reside alongside Lucile Ball, George Carlin, and the infamous Mr PotatoHead - for which we all know explains why spontaneously around the world people fall to pieces at a drop of a dime… just like sheep, baaaah, for slaughter in hilariously horrific happenstance.

I am a ranter, and it can very possibly come in several dialects as I am a mixed up mutt who collects languages as quickly as a sponge soaks up muck juice after a good dismembering slaughter. It’s a natural disposition.

I am and shall always be the eternal oddball.

Incase maybe possibly you have missed the completely obvious and well stamped damaged square in the middle of my head, I do not live amongst the sheep nor do I plod along the misguided bonebags. I live in my world and occasionally give you glimpses into the enchanting reality of the flipside, where things do go bump in the night and everything is not what it seems to the insignificant lameness of the human eye.

I am Raiden Kai


  1. How whacked am I to say that I think you're totally sane? But again you're no diff than the rest of us who contribute to this blog. I for one am honored to have you as part of this corrupted little clan that the damn poe poe hasn't yet hauled away and locked up in the white padded room and thrown the key away. Yet. :snickering: Welcome Casper!

  2. *sadistically smirky grin* O'they tried, decided I'm better on the outside... *whispers rather loudly* Insane is the new in, really all the sheep that think they are sane, are just bleating fodder waiting to be hacked or drained from those of us that roam the real world.

    TY TY TY Cap'n

  3. Well Raiden, looks like you are going to be a great addition to the same group of misfits, screwballs, and everything else *giggles* Besides anyone tries to drag anyone of us away let's just say they will know who and whate I truly am *;) wickedly*

  4. Gravy baby, Im down!! Seriously stoked on the add up... and it gives my ass something to do besides sit on it and plot damage to those that need damaging while the caveman comes up with ways to block my fun *pouts* He took my turkey gut exploding potato gun!!!! Stepbitch SO deserved to have exploding turkey guts all over her house!...S'ok, I got something up my sleeve.


  5. Yup, yup, yup we're nuttier than the most nutjobs on the face of this earth. But you know what? I'm damn proud of it!