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Groups Part II

They say that a good author can write any sex of character, age or even the type such as human or paranormal and over the last 9 years of writing I've covered all those bases. Why did I never get published? Why should I? It's a form of recreational therapy for me and relief from everyday reality. Now, some of you asked for a little piece of Isis and believe me when I tell you how rough it was back in the day when I first started to write, it's no blag. This is a chapter you can enjoy that was written back in 2005. The setting: A tropical island with Isis' Guardian Ashriel and the little girl child, abandoned in the streets which Isis took into her fold and adopted, named Breanna.

Isis became alert before it registered what he'd just said to her, her eyes narrowed as she turned to look up at the sky, her face shining with moisture. "Something wicked this way comes."

The wind drastically shifted direction. A light mist of rain began to fall and the waves once calm began to get choppy, beating against the shore. The winds gusted sand squalls filling the air along the beach.

Ashriel realizing her distraction, then followed suite by looking in the direction in which she looked to see the dark clouds swiftly moving overhead. He closed his eyes, trying to guess how far away the storm was before it reached them. His eyes snapped open "We take shelter now!" his tone firm and insistent. No one knew his island better than he did.

Breanna put her hands together in silent prayer. Ashriel jumped out of the water, scooped Breanna up and ran, Isis at their heels following.

"Where will we take shelter from the storm?"

"Back to the cabin. It will hold in this storm." So he hoped.

They shouted to each other above the winds.

Lighting streaked the sky, thunder rumbled in the distance causing Breanna to jolt at the sound and squealed. Looking like a bad storm approaching Isis decided now would be a better time than any to speed up their way back.

Isis fell once, twice, her wet leather clothing complicating her ability to keep up. She grunted in frustration.

Ashriel turned on the third time she tripped, reared back, and grabbed her hand, pulling her with him. Once they reached home base he jumped the steps, taking them two at a time. "Come on." He pushed on the front door forcing the entry open. Once inside Ashriel rolled back the living room carpet revealing the trap door beneath it leading into the cellar. Grabbing the metal ring he pulled it up to open. Half turning while holding Breanna he motioned to Isis, "Jump down."

"What's down there?" in that moment a branch from a nearby tree flew in through the window. The glass shattered causing Breanna to scream as shards flew everywhere.

"Into the cellar now! Ask questions later." He hollered above the fury of the winds.

He didn't have to tell her twice. She jumped down the hole like her ass was on fire, Ashriel right behind her holding Breanna.

Breanna wiggled out of Ashriel's hold to run over to Isis. Breanna held her tight around the legs. So tight she couldn't move a step. "She, we are soaked and she's scared. What's going on up there?"

"Just your average tropical storm." He spoke casually. Not to alarm her or Breanna.

"These storms, they happen frequently?"


She lingered a little longer to listen to the sounds before she probed further. "How long does a storm like this last?"

Only then did Ashriel turn away inspecting the room they were in. "A few days maybe." He shrugged his shoulders.

"A FEW GODDAMNED FUCKIN DAYS!?!" she yelled at the top of her lungs above the howls of the wind. "Holy mother of Gods we're gonna die down here!" She pulled the child away from her legs, setting her

She was sounding hysterical. Was he going to have to slap her to snap her out of it? She'll have Breanna all worked up. "Calm down Goddess. We have more than enough provisions and supplies here to last us for weeks if need be." Her eyes had a wild look about them. He'd never seen her so out of control. Two females and he didn't have a clue in Hell what to do to bring the situation under control.

"I can't calm down, Guardian. You don't understand." Her hands flew in the air taking on different directions as she spoke and began to pace the small span of the room.

"You need too." His look reminding her they weren't alone.

"Calm down! Calm down!" she repeated. "How can you say that?" Isis began rambling incoherently.

Isis was beginning to make his head spin, watching her go from one end of the room to another. Breanna held firm onto her pant leg tagging along as of this was some game of follow the leader. Isis wasn't even taking notice of the child toggling along with her. He exhaled deeply thinking on his next move.

Isis stopped abruptly in mid-step, Breanna's little body slamming into her leg; she looked down, "Well, well what do I see but a little mouse following me." One eyebrow cocked she eyed the child.

Good a distraction and just what he needed. "Listen. You're both wet and forgetting mini Goddess here is human she'll catch pneumonia if we don't get her out of those wet clothes." Ashriel went to an antique oak chest leaning up against a wall nearby, taking out a couple of large fluffy towels. Holding one open, he beckoned for Breanna to come too him so he'd be able to dry her off. "I have one for you as well, Goddess."

Isis took the towel, stood there arms folded and waited. "Well?" Isis turned her finger in a circular motion to Ashriel. "Turn"

Breanna looking up at Isis then looked to him, with her tiny finger did the same. "Ashri turn."

He shook his head. This was going to be one very long storm. "I give. Take your time both of you while I check things out." Ashriel smiled as he passed them both heading into an adjoining room.

Once out of eyesight Isis bent down to Breanna, "Hands up." She put her small arms high up in the air, then Isis pulled her dress up over her head and wrapped her snug into the folds of the towel. "My turn." Isis peeled off her leather halter, then her pants which she struggled with cause they clung to her body like a rubber glove.

After wrapping the towel around under her arms and tucking it in tight she sat on the edge of a small cot and took off her boots. The water still in them dripped out leaving a little puddle on the floor. This didn't concern her. Her main concern was how long they'd be down here and within such close confines and with an egotistical male her nerves would begin to shatter.

Breanna's eyes drooped and she let out a yawn. Her tiny feet padded across the floor leading up to the other cot in the room to hop up on it and lay down there. Isis watched her. She looked around the room to note that there were only these two cots. She sat on one and Breanna cozied up and resumed her prayers on the other. Just bloody peachy! She thought. Screw him if he thinks he's sharing this one with me. He can go cuddle up with the kid.

Isis turned to face his figure emerging from the shadows. Before she could get a word out edgewise, from a room somewhere up top, came a crashing sound. Isis jumped, Ashriel halted, listening with concern. Breanna squealed.

"Holy shit we're all going to get buried alive down here!"

Ashriel noticed that she just blurts out what comes to her mind, ninety-five percent of the time. Though he knew that, she was giving herself too much credit, making that ninety-nine point nine percent instead.

The floor boards creaked above their heads as the roar of the wind churned tornadoes continued above them. The storm was worse than he'd thought. Probably now hitting a five on the scale.

To be buried down here alive would prove fatal to Breanna since she didn't have any powers to help her. Ashriel kept faith that this was one storm that would be merciful on them. "I brought you a T-shirt and tracks to change into and one of my T's might be a little large but will cover Breanna just fine."

That momentarily took everyone's mind off the storm and Ashriel turned around as he was made to do before, to allow Isis a sense of privacy to slip on the clothing he offered and change Breanna as well. He turned back when they had finished, but couldn't help smirking. The look of his over-sized clothes on her slender frame hung loosely, made it quite humorous.

"Not quite what I'm used to, but it will do I guess." She was shaking all over. Breanna plopped on to the bed, praying more vigorously than before.

Ashriel looked at Isis more closely. The expression in her eyes was near panic. "Take my hand."

Her eyes were wide. "Why?"

"It'll make you feel better."

"Get the fuck out of my way." She nudged him with her elbow pushing past him. "You're cramping my style"

How long they had known each other and still no change. He would have preferred riding the storm just about now than her spitfire attitude. Opening a small fridge door, Ashriel took out a Pepsi and took a long drink "Want one?"

"I'll pass." She had been tense, now she was a little more panic stricken. "You're quite mild for someone who tore up and sought revenge on those that destroyed your family, changing your whole outlook on life."

"I took anger management." Where did she get this knowledge of him? He had not revealed the slightest of details pertaining to his past to her. That son of a she-demon Anubis must have let it slip. He'd challenge him on it when they next met.

"Yah and I studied to become the flying nun." She just knew it! He took satisfaction in their fear. Even if she wanted, she would never accept his presence. A crashing sound cut her thoughts short. "Can't you cast a spell? Or something!" She questioned his abilities. She fought to shut her brain off. Not possible.

"Do I look like a magician to you? Wrong era." And then there was that devilish smile she couldn't dismiss. "You can't fight mother nature." He crossed his arms. "It is no secret that there are forces, powers beyond our own. The Gods are prime example. We know of their existence, mortals do not."

"Gee and I thought you knew everything."

He'd let that smart remark slide…this time, turned to look at Breanna. "I think it's time for bed, little girl."

"No! Not tired." She yawned, rubbing her eyes.

"I beg to differ, little Goddess." This whole evening had taken its toll on him and he was feeling the strains of it himself. Ashriel tucked the pouting Breanna under the blankets on her cot then sat down on the floor, stretching out his long lanky legs between the two beds where he could better keep an eye on them both.

"Nighty Ashri." She said sleepily.

"Good night little Goddess." He answered. Resting his head back he closed his eyes. Slowly, he drifted off himself in spite of the howling winds.


After a restless night, Ashriel sleepily pushed himself up, wanting Isis to know he was awake. In front of his face was a pair of feet. They were beautiful, petite and slender, with black varnish ornamenting the nails. How would she react if he grabbed one of those toes? More than likely the lethal foot attached to those toes would kick him square in the jaw with his luck.

He risked a glance upwards. He imagined those legs beneath the tracks she wore. He bet they could straddle him nicely and that ass! One cheek fitting firmly in the palm of each hand as he….. Demons of Hell! He was going to be damned for his eternity if he didn't cut her out of his thoughts this way.  

He squeezed his eyes shut tight to clear his wild imaginings. It was when he opened his eyes again, did he then take notice of her eyes wide open staring back at him. Had she known he was undressing her with his eyes? Yup, he was now screwed and tattooed to rot in the bowels of Hell.

"Although there are quite a few evils in the world like daimons that feed on souls to sustain them. That's when they run into trouble. Why? Because it makes you an asshole and then you die." She spoke without concern. "You don't have to be a daimon to be an asshole and die." She warned.

"No one could ever touch you the way I would Goddess." In a voice low and husky he spoke to her. "I promise I won't bite." The lighting flickered on and off and the moment was lost.

"Once you bite me, I'll bite back twice as hard." She winced thinking they'd lose all power, tossing them into total darkness.

He looked hopeful, "Is that a yes?" he said, his eyes searching hers. He loved the sparkle in them.

Isis grabbed hold of the pillow beneath her head, lifted it and whipped it at him, hitting him on the side of the head. "Dream on!"

Ashriel's hope now crushed, he would not give in to defeat. One day he would melt the ice that filled those veins.

A little giggle came from under the blanket next to him. "I think a certain someone is awake." Ashriel reached over and began tickling her. Breanna threw the blanket back laughing. She jumped up, leapt over Ashriel and landed on the bed with Isis.

"Nah, nah, nah....nah, nah....nah." Breanna wiggled her bum teasingly.

Isis watched the scene and laughed to herself.

"I get it. Two against one is it?" Ashriel scrambled to his knees, grabbing Breanna in one arm, Isis with the other and began tickling them both.

They all laughed together till Ashriel abruptly stopped. "You hear that?" he asked.

Isis pushed her messed up hair away from her face, then made an attempt to regain her composure. She bet she looked a mess. "What, Guardian?"

"That's my point. The what." His smile gleamed at them both. "It's too quiet. Meaning the storm has kicked."

They all cocked their heads to an angle and listened. Isis couldn't contain herself "FINALLY" she burst out and Breanna began to dance around.

While they enjoyed their moment of celebration, Ashriel got up and stalked over to the door that would get them out of the cellar and back upstairs. Using the palms of his hands, he pushed with force upwards
to open the hatchet, but it wouldn't budge. He pushed harder this time but still it wouldn't give. He had to wonder if the force of the storm had caved the house to crash down on them and sealed their fate into being confined to this cellar.

Isis watched Ashriel trying to get the door open. The realization that he was struggling, had her heart skip a few beats. She paled in comparison to the tone she had already. "Don't you even dare think about telling us we're stuck down here." slowly she climbed off the bed, coming to her full height.

A lumped formed in his throat that wouldn't swallow down. He muffled oaths he was going to choke on.  

He wasn't sure what they had to contend with up there from the aftermath of the storm. Down here Isis was gradually losing control again. Ok think Ashriel, think. He thought to himself.

"What's the verdict? Are we getting out of here?"

Ashriel's fingers pressed to his forehead in thought, eyes closed, "Ssshhh I'm thinking." one eye opened to peer at her.

"Ssh my ass! Blow the damn thing open." she huffed.

"You're not helping here Goddess. For the record I’m not the big bad wolf. That’s another species entirely."

"Heaven on earth we are half Gods. Why don't we just blow it to smithereens?"

"And risk everything up there to come tumbling down on us?" What was she thinking? "It's not like I can take the God part of me, shimmer it up and blow the debris off the door leading to freedom." Then he smiled.

"Glad you found that amusing, Oh mighty Guardian." Isis crossed her arms, not the least bit amused.

His smile became wider. "Not sure on the time frame, Goddess, but there may be a way." Ashriel moved his eyes, not his head, looking across the room at Isis. "A few moments of silence are all I need. Think you can do that for me?" Isis complied with his wishes and nodded. Ashriel looked down at Breanna who stood beside Isis and nodded as well.

"Good." He closed his eyes and resumed his chant. Isis listened, wondering what language he spoke. It all sounded very foreign to her. 

Within moments from above them there came sounds; something…someone moving. Isis stiffened. "Ashriel...."

"I know. My summons has been answered."

Isis stared at him blankly. Who or what did he call to aid them? She guessed she'd soon find out.

Anubis turned to his minions when they had reached the dwellings of Ashriel, Isis and Breanna. Ashriel's summon for assistance heard loud and clear, brought to his immediate attention, he rounded up five of his demons and headed to them. The sight greeting him was not nearest to what he had thought.

The house was in complete, utter shambles. The framing stood up- right, the front half only, although the roof had completely caved in. Still very late into the evening hours and completely pitch black the night, he was able to assess the work cut out to the group which stood by in wait of his orders.

Anubis turned to eye them all. "We search for them. Be careful not to cause further downfall of the house." Then did he note their appearance. "Transform yourselves. There is a human child down there that the sights of the likes of you all will have her traumatized for a lifetime."

In unison they compiled their strengths removing the tiles broken into shreds inside the domain of Ashriel's home. Several pieces removed moments later uncovered the door in the floor to where they had taken safety. Anubis pulled it up to reveal a pissed off Goddess, Ashriel with a great sense of relief on his face and a
bright eyed little girl looking up at him from down below. The five demons crowded around, looking down on them as well.

"Howdy folks" He tried at his sense of humor to change the mood. It failed. The mood didn't change and none replied.

"Mika" he looked over at one of his demons. "The child first and then the Goddess. Sorry Guardian you're last."

"Fine with me" Ashriel bent down and picked up Breanna, handing her to Mika who in turn handed her laughing and giggling over to Anubis.

She hugged Anubis, and held him tight. "Hello sweetheart. Missed me?" She nodded. He was taken back when she in turn kissed him on the check. It was proof that the devil did indeed have a sense of humor.

Ashriel looked at Isis, "Your turn."

Isis went over to Ashriel but before he could lift her up she looked at him. "And YOU watch where you're putting those hands."

He chuckled. Before she could make another fuss he grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her up to Mika's reaching hands and was pulled up to the clearing.

"Take our hands, Ashriel." Mika spoke along with another demon. Ashriel jumped up grabbing hold of their hands. He too was pulled up and out of the cellar.

"My Lord," he turned to Anubis. "How can I thank you?"

"Anubis, I thank you as well. I am very grateful." Isis meant
every word.

"You have kept them all safe. That will suffice." The child started pinching his cheeks in an attempt to get his attention. "I'll take her away from here while you and my….men get started. Isis care to join us?"

"Huh?" she had been momentarily distracted by inspecting the severity of the storms damage. "No you go ahead, Anubis." She turned to Ashriel. "What can I do?"

"You can sit you're pretty little hinny over there and play foreman or," he suggested "Go join Anubis and Breanna."

Isis snorted in annoyance. "Fine" she didn't argue. "But my weapon is hidden in there somewhere and I need to find it."

He looked at her. "If it's there we'll find it, Goddess."

Isis sat on a wooden stump. Ashriel kept working along with Anubis demons, making the necessary repairs needed to his home. The night was that warm that Ashriel took off his shirt. Sweat glistened on his chest and his back. Oh how she wanted to touch him even more than before. Her eyes cast a faraway dreamy look.

They crossed the fallen planks, heading for where the bedrooms had been. The damage was worse there; it must have been where the tornado actually struck. They sifted among the debris, working there for hours. Ashriel returned to her from behind the house carrying her bow and arrows.

It seemed more like days than hours before the house finally was erected into resembling a home. "You've found it!"

"Uh huh." He was pleased with himself.

She took the weapon from his hands, reached up and hugged him, her hand feeling the sweat on his back.

"We have finished. We can leave anytime you like." Mika addressed Ashriel.

"You're done already?" Isis was astonished. It had only taken them till the break of dawn to resurrect the home they shared.

They bowed their heads to Isis, showing respect. "We never sleep."

"I must commend you all on a job well done."

Ashriel seemed offended. "What about me or do I get special thanks later on?"

"Thanking them also included YOU!"

He started to say something; caught himself. He looked like a little boy with a high school crush. He gave her instead that smile you'd get from the boy next door.

Ashriel came up from behind, put an arm around her waist. "Well, what do you think? Almost as good as new."


Isis hadn't realized she had leaned into him while she looked at the house. It now looked as if the storm hadn't happened hadn't touched it in any way. Ashriel looked over her shoulder as she admired the place.

"Stop looking so smug." she turned and walked away from the group, leaving Ashriel staring at her with a puzzled look on his face.

He turned to the group of five and quietly exchanging words with them while Isis with Breanna in tow went into the house. Ashriel advised them they would be well rewarded and recognized for coming to their aid. Relieving them of their duties, they parted ways as he strode into the house to join Isis.

He barely reached the threshold while Isis voice yelled, "ASHRIEL!"

Not a call of distress he'd heard. Sounded more like an `I'm really pissed' did he dare go instead? He would he's a glutton for punishment. "Yes Godde...." he barely finished the phrase.

"Why in Hell are there only two rooms? Cause unless I've lost my mind there was three at one time!"

"What?" he strode to the back of the house to see she wasn't fibbing. The three bedroom house they shared had now become two. He cursed a streamline of oaths. “Anubis what have your demons done?”



  1. I simply love this story Demon :) I could see it as a book also :) Anymore to read about Isis, Ashriel, Anubis and all? Plllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee?

  2. But...yeah, but...I wasn't gonna post more than this one chapter and I'll never hit Part 3 of my story along with the other characters I have yet to talk about.