Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 2011

     Hi Everyone,

          I hope everyone is well this night? :) I remember when I used to blog heavily on MySpace about the days that I would have or about how I was feeling. To me this is kind of the same way but different. The reason that I say that is because there is a good group of friends that are working together and enjoying time with each other :) Some of you know what I write and some of you don't but what I enjoy writing about is paranormal romance like wolves, vamps and so forth :) It's also what I love to read to *giggles* But seriously I want to thank you all for allowing me to be apart of this wonderful, special, extraordinary group of the finest friends that I have the purest pleasure of knowing. And a special thank you to Lucy/Kat, who at such a tender age has the wisdom of a goddess. And my darkest and warmest thanks to Demon himself for allowing me the opportunity to help *hugs Lucy/Kat and Sid* Love you all with the darkest of passions, Angel of the Night *blows kisses to everyone*

P.S: Hope to see you soon Demon *winks wickedly* Hope Wendy is doing well? *hugs Wendy*

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  1. ~Hugs Angel back and smiles~ Well that made me blush but your welcome. ~Blows a kiss to you~ Blessed to know you.