Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 2011

     I have some good news..My Wolf and I finally got our cozy little den that we have been needing. I'm still trying to find a job to help out with bills and that. But in the meantime I clean up our little den and that helps to pay for the deposit. We pay 125/week that also includes all utilities along with cable. So hopefully our puppies won't be far behind either ;) Along with a wedding as well :) Speaking of a wedding I wouldn't mind having a Wiccan wedding with a high priest or hight priestess performing the ceremony. That or a gothic wedding but only time will tell and how it will happen. But as far as the psycotic ex is concerned she doesn't dare come near us. And she will not be allowed in our den for any reason whatsoever. IF she does enter she will be faced with me and if she isn't careful the consequences will be hazardous to her health so to speak :) But for the most part we are very happy and enjoying life as it is for us until we can save up some money for a small car as well. We are going to prove to her and my family that we can make it on our own and that nothing can stop us from achieving what we want for ourselves and from enjoying life to the fullest. :) Love you all..

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  1. That is amazing Angel! And now it's going to get better wait already is better!