Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 2011

     It was some years back when I joined a writing group called Ladies of Sanctuary or LoS as I call it. I remember the first story that I ever read. The reason that I joined LoS was to expand my writing and I came up with some terrific characters or so I thought I had. But since I was new and all I hadn't known that you couldn't use the DH characters in a story so I use Ash in one of mine. And boy did I get hell for it too *smiles* Oh well was all I could say :) But it wasn't until a New Years Eve that I remember very fondly that I got to enteract with some of the other writers. And the one that I enteracted with the most was Sidney a.k.a Demon. It was also when another writer named Nipsy told us to keep our chat to a PG style of rating lol. Hell we were flirting with each other that night :) But that story that really made me pay attention to his writing was Sins of the Blood. It wasn't until recently when I finally got back in touch with him that I asked him for the first 69 parts to his story. He was surprised that someone would remember Sins of the Blood but of course all good stories that I enjoy I save to my hard drive *winks at Demon* and that was when he invited me to DP or Devil's Playground and I wrote until recently because of my schooling. But I have submitted some more stories to DP and even here on the blog itself. But those that touch our hearts and souls are the ones that we don't ever forget and we search for them until we find them and that is what I did with Sid. I got curious about how he was doing and all and so I emailed him and that was when I joined DP and now I help out here on the blog site as well. And I would NEVER trade any of my time that I have had with him or Edward or any of the other writers like Sin and all for anything in the world. They have made it easy to pick up a pen and paper or baning on the keyboards so enjoyable. They are wonderful authors, writers and friends. But they are more to me than anyone will ever know or understand. I would go through hell for anyone of them not to mention I would stand beside them and stand up for them if the need should ever arise. *hugs, Sin, Edward, Demon, Miles and Kail and Lucy/Kat*


  1. OMFG! LMFAO That was you that posted using Acheron? Unfawkingbeleivable but I so remember that and thinking how that author had brass balls to do that in the first place. I saw the flack you endured for that and it was truly pathetic at the time and petty how the MOD reacted that way.

  2. Yeah it was me and I still have that story line too lol. I agree but they have certain rules to follow and well guess I love breaking those rules :) lol. But like you I don't write for LoS anymore. I do follow a few of the sls like Piotr's and all but that's it.