Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Review of Enduring Insticts

Enduring InstinctsEnduring Instincts by S.J. Frost

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I mean WOW! This story was epic. It's one that's been long awaited but well worth it to my opinion.

Daniel and Ryu are perfect together and they compliment each other so well and in every way imaginable.

But alas towards the end I was very much distressed. One character took my heart and I actually cried for and over him. Maybe it's the mood I'm in as there's a lot of distressing factors going on in my life at the moments and this rarely happens to me if its not a main character and in this case it hit me hard. Are you questioning who? Its Troy of cowse. Seeing him in pain, his love not returned by Isaac and wanting his life ended and not getting his request tore at my own heart strings. I truly wished there could have been a better ending for him.

Ooh but I got a kick outta Niven and Vance. I'd love to see them hooking up or Niven with Troy :dreamy sigh: Bah one can hope :snickering:

Great write all around. Excellent continuation to the first. S.J. rocks the house with another one of her books when she gets the time to write one she really puts her all into it.

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