Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Groups Part I

Morning Folks! I'm sorta back, but not on a healthy level. You're all probably wondering bout Wendy. So far she's still trying to kick this cancer, but me having coming down with a serious head cold and sinus infection has forced her to take caution and she's moved back in with her brother. She can't afford to be sick and I'm in no condition to be able to care for her. But I'm keeping tabs all the same and I'll keep those of you wondering on how she's doing updated. 

Today, maybe cause I'm home and sick as a dawg, this idea just came to me and I thought to post on it.

It's: Which GROUP is good for you.

Over the years I've joined groups here and there. Some to get to know people. Some are chatrooms. Some are writers groups. But I stress on them all being the same and that's knowing people from all over the world that all have one thing in common: Wanting to know others outside of their own little world.

It's ingenious that we have internet and we have that capability, but what happens and what of those people that choose this as a way of abusing that privilege? Taking this for granted and preying on other people's emotions and their well being; their welfare. That's when I believe that line has been crossed. Severely.   

I've be part of a few really great groups over the years and I'm proud to say that I was a member of them and if they'd still existed today I probably would still be with them, but I'm a proud veteran of having been and through this group I've gotten to know a very awesome group of people who suffice it to say we're still in touch to this day and as a matter of fact, one if them is a co-writer in this blog :winks at angel: 

How do you handle when someone tells you: Don't join that group because... 
Curiosity kills the furball and of course you'll join just to see what all the hype is about of perhaps you'll avoid it completely and not join at all and therefore just listen to the tit and tats of those that have joined have to say. Technically you have joined, but as a third party outsider. There's a little game called PHONE. Yeah know when you start off telling someone, who tells the next person and so on and after quite a few ears that have heard it the story is completely altered in the end? Yeah, 'nough said I say.

J.H. Christ, I've rambled and gone completely off topic of what I'd meant to post about, but :shrugs: Oh well. C'est la vie. Cudos to me! :snickering, telling myself to have another dose of cold meds:

Waaaay back in the day the year 2002 I was part of a group called Dark Hunter. You guessed it! It's a group based on the characters of Sherilyn Kenyon's books and run by herself. That's was one wicked group and I had tons of fun in the chatrooms with it. You can create your own character as others have and just enjoy shitting around, playing and chatting. You could also write your own little skits and stories but your character and whatever you wrote had to be based on and around the Dark Hunter characters without using them in your stories. Confusing sounds like huh? But gets your creative juices flowing. That's when I tried my hand at writing. Here's the shock factor that most didn't know of, but I'm revealing it here today... 

I was the inspiration and the author behind one very well known character named Isis Amanti. She was a goddess/shape shifter of the feline variety. My first writings were Hetero. I took her on adventures that were out of this world. Literally. She was an all around badass. Although the stories of her kicked arse and were very good in the back ground I went through hell because of jealousy on her great stories and I battled hell to keep her alive and continue to write. Eventually because the group was PG rated I moved her over to a R rated group where I could open my horizons. 

This group: :Ladies of Sanctuary. I joined in 2003 and began posting there. I went on to creating Karan Dubois (Isis brother), Ashriel (Isis soul mate), Nephthys (Isis twin sister), Amos Re (Nepththys soul mate) and a demon named Cetus. Cetus was completely badass to the max and I completely enjoyed writing him. I found my calling and my nich at writing bastards :grins: Jealousy of other authors still followed and plagued me, but I paid them no mind. Still I fought hard to keep them alive from gossip mongers who disliked the fact the your story was better than theirs. Such petty bullshit comes from fawktards such at them. 

Isis and her passe's story dwindled off around the time I noticed two other writers who took Fate in their hands and wrote the first M/M storyline with their characters. Jesus, I applauded them and that's where I felt I was being called to be. Those authors went through bullshit for going out of the box, but I in the background supported their efforts whole-heartedly. I've had many co-writers that's written stories with me over the years, but can you believe that when it came to writing the hetero sex scenes I just couldn't do it? I preferred to kill off the characters themselves rather than go through the torture of it. 

This folks is where Sidney comes into the picture. With a huge bang!

To be continued... 


  1. very interesting indeed. Hmm and Big Brother I missed you and keep tabs on Wendy she needs to be taken care of even if she's not with you. Get better and take care of yourself too. Oh yeah Love you!

  2. Hmm I'm pretty curious about Isis... I want more!!

  3. I agree with Nat on Isis Demon. I would love and enjoy reading those stories. I have enjoyed your stories over the years myself. You are a very excellent writer no matter what anyone says and if they dis you just let me know and I will have word with them ;)

  4. E Gads! Well she was my first attempt at writing and its rather rough since I was quite wet around the ears with that one and its not my most memorable character that I've ever written but... I'll sift around in my archives and pull up one of my best chapters and post it for you all. It'll deter the continuation of my groups posts, but hey you asked for it. :tapping my chin in deep thought: Hmm...I can amuse y'all for one post at least :snickering:

  5. You know I have always enjoyed your writings over the years Demon. I still have a couple of them saved to my hard drive too :) Your early writing cannot be a bad as mine are lol..And I don't even have any of my early writings anymore :( Ohe well :)