Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 2011

     I know that I don't speak of myself or reveal anything about myself unless it's through my stories or that. But I have come to trust Sid and several others that I believe that it is important to finally reveal who the Angel of the Night truly is. I know Sid or as a few of us call him myself included Demon has already mentioned my name. I am 38 this next month. I have been through Hell and back and returned to Hell again. You could say that is where my family comes from *giggles* But honestly I never thought in my wildest dreams or fantasies that I would ever make Angel of any kind and here I am an Angel of the Night with wings a black as the night sky. I wasn't mean to be in white or with white wings *snickers*. But in reality and reality can suck major sometimes. It was several years back when I first attempt sucide. I tried to call everyone I knew but got no answer from anyone. So I took handfuls of Tynelol yes I'm a person who prefers pills to any other method. The only one who actually gave a damn about me was a boss of mine when I was working McDoodle's. Then shortly after my youngest daughter was born I tried it again and this time I almost succeeded. The only thing that stopped me were my girls. Then here very recently I tried it 2 more times and it was my Wolf that stopped me. So now you know something personal about me.


  1. I knew something about you before Angel. Your a wonderful person who is as real and deep as anyone else is. So knowing a bit more about you is a blessing in disguise.

  2. You are so welcome Lucy/Kat. :) Eventually I will reveal more of my true self as time goes by :) I have posted a story on my AngeloftheNight18 blog if you are interested in reading it :) For me my stories contain a lot of me in them.