Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2011

     Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing well. As for me and my Wolf? We are doing better. My future is changing and I don't see my death coming so soon now. Thanks to some very dear friends of mine and to my Wolf. As I have said the safest place for me is by his side. And that is where I am still at and I will be at for all eternity. A person can not separate what is meant to be and we are meant to be. The only way to allow anyone to separate a meant to be is if the couple is wanting the separation but neither myWolf and I are allow anyone or his psycotic ex to separate us. For we have lived centuries and we have found each other in each lifetime and we will continue to find each other in the lifetimes to come. Not to mention we have linked our souls together. Sorry if everyone gets tired of this video..But please deal with it? :) I don't stream videos very often anyway lol


  1. Enjoyed the song and I don't listen to to o much of this artist or anything but I enjoyed listening to this song

  2. Yw Hun :) Let me know if I can spin any videos for you that you do enjoy :)

  3. I'm into a few of the wiccan/pegan songs that are out there (Sister is Pegan or hell Wiccan I don't remember which she claims to being but anyways I'm not I'm a mystic for a reason. I believe in a lot ~Grins~)