Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2011

    Hey everyone,

         How's it going? :) Me? Meh..could be better. I'm here in Indy with my wolf. Wish I was home right now. But I'm staying by his side because of his son. I also failed my first algebra class. I am working on my next round of the MidNight Angels ;) I also posted a new one. I'm also working on my Dark Angel novel. I have two inspirations for that novel one is Joachim Ogren. He inspired Dark Angel himself while my wolf also inspired Dark Angel and now that character is fully complete. The one that I did submit is called Sparta. Obvious reasons. But I wrote it for a very dear friend of mine who lives in Malaysia. :) I hope everyone enjoys Sparta. I know this one isn't my best work but I apologize for that. Was in kinda of a hurry about getting it done. The MidNight Angels have a very special place in my heart and I thought it was time to bring their world to reality. And well MidNight Angels Silver is going to be very interesting to ready. Not to far into it but now I have the inspiration for it and so I'm focusing on it as well as another story for my wolf and Dark Angel. I stay busy because I know if I don't then my mouth will probably overload my ass right now. LOL...To know me can get pretty dicey at times. But other than that I am fun loving, compassionate, adventurous and so much more that what people see on the outside. I am the Angel of the Night :) For I thrive in the night and the shadows is where you will find me. I walk in the sun but the night is my home and playground. :) So catch me if you can....;)

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  1. So are we talking published books here? You'll have to keep us informed if they are, what the story is about, where it's sold etc... :winks: