Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 2011

     There are times that I get philosphical and there are times when I just have to be brutally honestly. But this isn't either of those moments :) I have seen and done things that most people would be shocked about but as it happens its just me. Right now I am having to deal with a lot of stress and everything. The biggest stressor in my life is my mate's ex or whatever. She thinks that she can give him what he needs but what she does is shred him and then bitches when she doesn't get what she wants. Me, I don't shred a person so far down that they want to take their own life and I sure in the hell don't scar a child both psychologically, mentally or emotionally like this bitch does to their son. I just wish there was something that I could do for my mate and his son? She says that she's going to kill herself and to me the more she talks about it the more she doesn't want to do it but honestly I don't give a damn anymore. I know that I shouldn't be like that but a person just gets to the point that they just don't care about what happens to someone else. I have never said a bad word about anyone and anyone who knows me can testify to that. But I did a while back to this bitch..I called her pure evil to her face and I also informed her that her heart and soul were black. That is a first for me to say that about anyone but her actions speak louder than her words. And as black as her soul and heart are they make this person ugly as sin. People have called me "Angel" but I know that I could never make "Angel" even if I died  lol. Running joke about myself :) This person has to get drunk and stoned just to be able to cope with reality. Instead of turning the bad experiences around she has allowed them to define who she is instead of defining herself as person. She has even shredded me in her tyrates but the worst of all she shreds my mate down so much that she doesn't care. I thought I could help her but she is so far gone that I wonder if she did take her own life if it wouldn't be better for everyone involved?

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