Monday, August 15, 2011


By the title you're probably scratching your heads wondering what the fawk is that supposed to mean. Patience! I'm gonna tell yeah in uno momento. Patience, although I lack severely of it is a virtue or so they say. Here's the motley group of us that makes up SMORES :snickering:

S: Sidney (Bullet) Freak on a leash is moi
M: Miles (Bitch Monkey) Watch out for his frying pan and don't mess with my bitch :snorts:
O: Ornery Angel (Angel of the Night) Gotta love her for her attitude when she gets riled up
R: Rabid Rodent (Kail) My Bro and he's whacked, but you gotta love him to death.
E: Exclusive Nat (Natsrochan) I call her this because she's my one and only stalker meant for me and me alone. I'm not sharing her :grins:
S: Sinsin (Hales) She's my own personal Sin :winks:

Can't you just tell that my morbid brain where I don't even wish it on my worst enemy to go has been thinking? But I like being the marsh in the mellow to the group, but half of one side of the smores are missing. That would be the Monkey and the Rodent. Not to worry they'll be back and I'm sure they'll have posts going up to make up for their absence. :tapping foot: Fawk yeah, they better. You might wonder where they are? I'm not at liberty to say. It's confidential and classified knowledge unless they wish to share it with you. I've got it filed under the X-Files. :nods:

Other than that till they get back I want to post one song for me. The first one. The next one is from me to Miles, the third is from me to them both and the last is for them because I'm proud of them both just for who they are and it's also for God as well (He knows who he is :blowing God a kiss: I've chosen songs by the group Def Leppard. Why? Cause I am going to see them live in concert tomorrow and I'm hyped as all bleeding hell!

So guys, get home soon, damnit! :cussing like a trucker going through withdrawals:


  1. You have one very convoluted mind there. But it works so I guess it's okay. -laughing-

  2. Got to learn a new word but don't know when I'm gonna use many meanings ROFLMAO!
    I love it

  3. I can play the chocolate !!! ROFLMAO

    1 - graham cracker with a marshmallow and chocolate in between
    a whore wearing a white t-shirt that poured chocolate sauce all over herself with the assumption that in doing so she will get lucky?

    2 - (aka smore, or smoring)
    The act of cumming into someone’s butthole then pouring chocolate into it, then clenching the butt cheeks together, then eating it out.

    3 - Having anal sex then titty fucking and busting a nut. Fecal matter should be smeared when titty fucking.

    4 - It is where you fuck a girl in her vagina, then you pull out and cum on it. Then you take a shit on top of it, and put a graham cracker on top of that. Then you eat it all up.

    5 - A threesome involving two males of Hispanic heritage and a half-black-half-white female, with the female in the middle.

    Gonna stop here. Other meanings at

  4. :snorts: Aaaah fawk, fawk, fawk! Getting Coke up your nose burns like a bastard. :pinching the bridge of my nose: Thanks for enlightening us on that, Nat.

  5. Very poetic comment isn't it? lool

  6. You have to love a post that needs some time to be understood ;)

  7. Fellas, you are all so full of shit as Christmas geese lol Then I must be the marshmallow in that Smores lmao...

  8. Nah uh! Don't I look black to you cause I have nooo intention of being the chocolate and besides that lousy shit hurts my teeth. That be why I'm so not sweet. I can't have sugar or anything sweet so Angel? But the arse over and let me the damn mellow and YOU be the choco. :hip checking her:

  9. Dear God. I want my innocence back! Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Period.

  10. :snicker snort: Mores you're a hoot, man!