Sunday, August 7, 2011

My dear friend Sid

     I guess you could say that I walk to a different drummer. What I mean by that is because I see things differently. I see how things are, how things could be and everything else. But one thing I do know is what goes on in a person's heart. You can call it a gift sometimes I call it a curse. But that is just me. Now I have a very dear friend by the name of Sid. He is funny, outgoing, sweet, kind, gently, and very compassionate. His soul is beautiful just like his heart. I remember a time when we were just flirting with each other.. He pulls you in with his stories and makes you feel about apart of them. I have a few of his wonderful writings Sins of the Blood and Twilight's Lost Soul. But nothing compares to the person that he truly is. When he writes it's from the heart and it is very evident that his soul shines through each of his stories. Sid never had a malicous bone in his beautiful body. Those of us who know Sid love him with all our hearts. Before juding him get to know him and you will see what we see, which is a beautiful soul and heart.


  1. You are both too kind. You've taught me that there are good people out there and both of you are among them as my friends. Thanks for the kind words, Angel.

  2. Sid, we will be side you through it all. No matter what price we pay ourselves. You are our best friend and so much more to us. I can't speak for Edward but I'm sure he would agree with me. We love you my friend. *hugs and smoochies*