Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Go Back

Ok now... I know some or most of you don't care for this type of music and mostly I don't either, but I make the occasional exception and beside a cowpoke is singing it. He's a little hawt me thinks. Anyhow the reason for posting this song is the words in every way speak a lot of my growing up and that tapped into my psych.

So before you go throwing food and shit at me for the tune I've chosen to post :snickering: I'm taking cover :sprinting out of the room to find a bomb shelter to hide in:


  1. OK. Cowboys and football, yes please. Twangy twangy singing? Can you wish yourself deaf? :P

    But yeah, I get the feelings of going back.

  2. Awright Sunshine, just for that I'm gonna post more of these in the days to come :smirking: In all seriousness thought this is the only kinda of tunes my 'rents listen to and and I was brought up this stuff till I was at the age to buy and listen to my own style. So to keep the peace in my lips are zipped shut just not on here.

  3. No need for the bomb shelter my friend *giggles and runs after to join in the bomb shelter*