Saturday, August 6, 2011


I’ve tried to keep my peace and my silence to all the goings on and everything around me, but I’ve come to a breaking point where I’m seething with rage and I’ve had fawking enough so I’m finally speaking out and so help me God it better end here. People are getting hurt because shit can’t be left alone and for some? life can’t seem to go on even though heaven knows many of us including myself are trying too move forward!

STOP acting like kindergarten children! Aren’t we supposed to all be adults here?
STOP pointing the finger and blaming others, when something isn’t to your satisfaction in your life. I’m not going to be your escape goat anymore.
STOP harassing. I despise this the most and I walk away without looking back. Why can’t everyone else?
STOP the hatred. This is what starts wars.
STOP judging me until you know me. In which only a selected few of you do.
STOP and don’t underestimate me until you challenge me.    
STOP talking about me until you talk to me.
STOP harping on what was in the past and move the fawk on! Cause I have. Let it rest already.
STOP making innocent people feel lesser of a person than what they are because you’re not happy.
STOP making friends choose sides and allow them to choose for themselves. You can’t control what others say or do. They think for themselves. We’ve all lost friends. Get over it.
STOP bashing. If you know what it feels like to be bashed for who you are and you treat others the way you’ve been treated? You’re no different than the bashers themselves.
STOP the demeaning words and insults because you are no better than the rest who will do this to you.
STOP and look at what’s around you and instead of straight ahead and being narrow minded.
STOP and see that people have feelings too and can just as easily get hurt.
STOP and look at the bigger picture being close minded can cause to those around you.


STOP coming onto this blog page and reading the blogs my friends and myself post if they offend YOU. The world does not evolve around you and everything that gets said or posted is NOT about YOU, but of the populace in general as a whole. We are a motley group that’s here to express ourselves, discuss topics and interests and if your interest is not in what we have to say and only to spread gossip YOU should NOT be here and are NOT wanted here. I’m not going to delete anyone because I'm not cruel, vengeful, manipulative as some wish others to believe or wish harms towards even my enemies. I care, I'm giving and I'd never hurt anyone, but I expect you to be a grown-up and not a school kid that points the finger and leaves this blog site on your own accord if your intentions of being here are ill fated towards me, my friends and contributors to this blog. I will NOT be your means to use as a gossip column. 

If you can’t be an honest friend or follower here? Please do the honorable thing and just…LEAVE!

This Is Our End

by Jessica A. Phillipi

You can stand there and smile you can sit there and laugh
but you can't trick me I know it's a mask
You’re trying to lie to me and everyone else
but why is it that you’re lying to yourself?
You can calmly sit there and try to look cool
but I know your emotions and I know it’s a tool
I know inside you your feelings rage
The suspense builds with the turn of a page
By day you’re one person by night another
and neither of them have anything to do with each other
I've watched you sink farther from your heart
and all of this just tears me apart
I sit here and cry, for you not for me
What you've become I wish you could see
No words could I use to help me explain
what it does to me to see you in pain
You’re not there anymore my once dearest friend
I hate to say this but this is our end

A song that inspires me to not sweat the little stuff and move on, forward and up in life.



  1. Soooo amazing. I second all you said Sweetheart! It's so true. Feels good!
    But like you, I really hope it ends here.

  2. One can only hope. I'm tired of the childish drama towards innocent people who are targeted for no reason what-so-ever. There's no just cause for it. Let bygones be bygones and and let it all R.I.P.